4 Easy Ways to Free Up Space on Your Android Phone

With the age of 4K video files, high resolution pictures, Netflix downloads, and high-fidelity music – it’s very easy to start hitting your storage limit on your Android phone. Here are 4 easy tips to help you reclaim some storage space from your mobile device.


Uninstalling Unused Applications


We all know about that folder of applications that has been sitting on your home screen collecting proverbial dust. You haven’t even clicked on it for months and every so often you see an update for one of them in the Play Store. Instead of allowing these apps to waste precious storage with each update; uninstall them and do your phone a much-needed favour.
Although each app is quite small in size, you will be surprised how much junk files each one collects.

Clearing Cache


Clearing cache is a temporary solution for a low storage issue. By clearing Application Cache, you can temporarily remove junk files that may not be needed anymore. It’s a quick and easy way to do it, but in the end these cached files provide a quicker experience for your Android device.

On most phones you can clear out your Application Cache through the storage page in Settings.

Backing Up and Removing Your Pictures Through Google Photos


One of the best application that’s flying under the radar is the free Google Photos app from the Play Store. Available for both iOS and Android, Google Photos offer unlimited backups for all your pictures and videos in stunning high-resolution.

Google Photos also knows what content has already been backed up and is safe to clear off of your device. Just tap the “remove” button and quickly free up space for your next application download.



Moving Data to Your SD Card

With the SD card slot becoming a rare sight these days, there are only a few phones left with removable storage. However, if you are the lucky few to still own a phone that comes with one – you can always add extra storage for a fraction of the price of a new phone.

If you have a SD card, you could move downloaded media from apps such as Netflix, Spotify or Amazon Prime Video by specifying their storage location. This gives you the liberation of having plenty of free space for games and apps, while having all your media downloaded with just a small purchase.


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