Google’s Low-Light Magic: Next Level Smartphone Pictures


While smartphone cameras are steadily starting to replace many point-and-shoot cameras, there is still one aspect where they lag behind: Low-Light Shots. Even with the latest technology, smartphones are still constrained by their tiny sensors; resulting in less than favorable pictures.

However, with a couple of ingenious software tweaks, a Google employee pushed smartphones further than ever before. He created a smartphone that can make shots which were similar to what you could get out of a DSLR.

Inspired by the existing framework already paved by another Google researcher, Florian Kainz managed to take the existing code from the SeeInTheDark app and further improved on it for photography. Instead of taking just one picture, the application that he developed would take up to 64 shots in quick succession. Also, with the manual controls built-in in the app, he was able to fine-tune parameters such as ISO, exposures, and focus.

The actual process is quite simple. With a couple of simple stacks in Photoshop and a bit of post-processing, Kainz created a smartphone that was able to capture photos of astonishing quality.



Don’t expect this feature to be built into any new smartphones in the market anytime soon. The app that Kainz used was only an experimental version of the software already found in the Google’s Pixel series. Hopefully, in the near future, Google would allow other manufacturers to license this amazing technique into their own camera software.

With that being said, the current Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL feature an outstanding low-light shooting experience due to a variation of this software found in its HDR+ mode. Even without any modification the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL produces high-quality images in low light conditions compared to DSLRs.

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