Our Top Picks for The Holidays! Amazing Gifts for Your Friends and Family


1st December 2017

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Capture Memories

Fujifilm SP-3

The latest portable printer solution from Fujifilm, it allows you to print and keep memories with you on the fly. With an extensive companion app, it’s the must have for anybody who wants print and capture memories.

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GoPro Hero6

If you want an action camera for capturing your adrenaline pumping sports, then there is no better camera to recommend than the GoPro Hero 6. With an all new design, the Go Pro Hero 6 also now captures in 4K and is water resistant out of the box. A perfect camera who anybody who is an avid fitness junkie!

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Instax Mini 90 NEO

Perfect for family gatherings or as a gift for younger ones, the Fujifilm Instax 90 is an instant camera for all occasions. Whether you are out with friends or at the beach with your family,
the Instax 90 tells your story in just an instant. A truly priceless gift for anyone looking to capture those fleeting moments.

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Canon 1300D with 18-55mm Lens

The Canon 1300D is a must have for anybody who wants to express themselves through photography.
Bringing your creativity to life, the 1300D enables you to take shots that you never thought possible.
With its access to hundreds of different camera lenses, the 1300D truly captures a thousand words in just one blink.
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Zhiyun Smooth Q

An amazing gift for anybody who want to take video shooting to the next level.
With a calibrated motor, the Smooth Q provides perfect stabilised shots every time
even on the bumpiest of roads.
With a myriad of pans and shooting modes,
the Zhiyun Smooth Q is the perfect companion for any video junkie out there.

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Fitness Junkie


Samsung Gear Sport

The Samsung Gear Sport is the smartwatch for fitness buffs out there.
With all the conveniences of a modern smartwatch and the power of a fitness tracker,
the Gear Sport is the perfect companion for urban jogging or even at the gym.
Coupled with Samsung Pay, the Samsung Gear Sport is a must have for fitness first urbanites!

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Jaybird X3

One of the best workout headphones on the market, the Jaybird X3s are also arguably
one of the best Bluetooth headsets out there as well. 

With a lightweight and slim design, and a shockingly long battery life, 
you’ll be hard pressed to find a much better pair of headphones out there.

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Fitbit Alta HR

For Fitbit, their slogan has always been fitness first. Their Fitbit Alta HR is no exception to that rule.
With a larger screen than its predecessor, the Fitbit Alta HR has the complete suite of sensors including some unique software such as competition based goals to motivate you to do more.
Workout smarter and track your health with the Fitbit Alta HR!

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Sony MDR-1000X

One of the leading headphones makers in the world,
the Sony MDR-1000X features world class audio quality coupled
with its exceptional active noise cancelling technology.
What this means is that you’ll be able to take a break from the outside world
and focus on your favourite jams.
Whether its stepping away from the kids or even just tuning out to the hum of an airplane’s engine;
the MDR-1000X is a sure must have companion for any music lover out there!

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MacBook Air (2017)

Considered to be the workhorse and staple of many offices and classrooms.
The MacBook Air (2017) is light, powerful and most important: Reliable.
There is a reason why this laptop has remained the King of Laptops for
so many years and with the new upgrades in MacOS,
its becoming a more compelling buy for anyone looking for a simple experience.

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Android Fans

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the latest powerful yet lightweight tablet from Samsung.
Touted as a must have companion for younger ones and a productivity device for older fans,
the AMOLED display features bright vivid colours and a stunningly sharp display.
With the highly acclaimed S-Pen making its way into tablets it’s a heavy hitter in productivity
if you need it. Perfect for teens or business men!

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Huawei Mate 10

Featuring a dedicated AI processor designed by Huawei,
the Mate 10 features some of the most intelligent software found in smartphones yet.
Not only does it intelligently figure out what goes on in front of its cameras and adjusts
its settings for the best photos, the Mate 10 also provides some of the quickest translation
experience for a smartphone. The Huawei Mate 10 is perfect for anyone looking for a true 
workhorse of a phone!

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