eGlobal’s 2016 Top Holiday Gift Picks – The only guide you’ll need!

Top Pick Gift

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

This little fellow is in the heart and dreams of many. The ability to instantly print out any memory serves as a great gift, and one that can immediately be used upon opening! Make sure you buy some Instax Film paper too!


Waterproof Portable Speaker

JBL Charge 3

It may not be summer anymore but a waterproof speaker can be used in a shower and near your bathtub with no worry at all. The JBL Charge 3 is an amazing sounding speaker that is IPX7 water resistant ensuring you can play your music anywhere you want.


Biggest Oomph Portable Speaker

JBL Xtreme

The JBL Xtreme may be big, but it comes with ultra-powerful performance and features. With deep and low bass, and clear mids and highs, this will surely blast your parties with sound for all corners of the room to enjoy.

For more speaker options, make sure you find our speaker blog here!


Best Quality Drone to Buy

DJI Phantom 4

By far and still the most ultimate in consumer drones. With unbeatable video quality and stability technology, the Phantom 4 does not only produce the best in aerial videography in an easy to use package. Link to your phone then go!


Most Portable Drone to Buy

ZEROTECH DOBBY Pocket Selfie Drone

Taking the holiday season by storm, the ZEROTECH DOBBY Pocket Selfie Drone has been the dream product so many potential drone adopters have wanted. In the smallest possible package, you can easily fit it in your backpack so your drone can never leave your side. With a Selfie function, you can capture yourself with no trouble at all.


Best Budget Phone

Google Nexus 5X

The Google Nexus 5X is the still the best budget phone you can buy. With so many companies releasing a ‘budget’ phone, no other phone can compete with the Google Nexus 5X in terms of price to value ratio.


The Full Package Phone

Samsung S7 Edge

This phone’s stunning design with two curved edges make the screen seem like it blends into your hand. Samsung has also placed all their cutting-edge technology and latest chips in this device to ensure the performance is just as good. Along with one of the best cameras on the market, this is our choice for the full package phone.


Best Bang for Buck Smartphone

OnePlus 3

Since OnePlus’ inception, its mission has been clear; to create an affordable phone with no compromise. With the latest OnePlus 3, OnePlus continues to stay true to this mission offering high-end specs for a cost that is a cut below its competitors. For the best value phone, we say trust in the OnePlus 3.  


Best Small Phone

iPhone SE

iPhone SE is the love of all small phone lover’s life. Since the size boost from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 there have been many that have held onto their iPhone 5 for dear life. Unfortunately, as with all technology, it will break and become unusable. As the hopes of small phone lovers wilted, Apple launched the SE. Finally there is a small compact phone on the market that offers specs and technology that is not small at all!


Best Value Tablet

Samsung Tablet E or A

Looking for a great tablet? Look no further, Samsung’s E and A line give us a 9.6 and 10.1 inch option respectively. At a great size, with a beautiful screen, solid specs, this tablet can be a media consumption device and a casual gaming hub for your whole family!


Best Looking Tablet

iPad Air 2


The beauty of Apple products is imbued in the iPad Air 2. With the thinnest design so far for the tablet of this size, and the amazing build quality of Apple products, this tablet will leave everyone grinning when they pick it up.


Best Small Tablet

iPad Mini 4

Fancy a lighter tablet that won’t weigh down your bag? Enter the iPad Mini 4. With all the features of its bigger sibling the iPad Air 2, this tablet will be sure to fulfill all your needs at a fraction of the weight.