Is the Fitbit Blaze the top smart wear for 2016?

Fitbit has a strong presence in the fitness tracker market. The new Fitbit Blaze is a fresh release that is more stylish, sophisticated and comfortable compared to it’s other siblings, the Fitbit charge HR and Fitbit surge. Some fashion changes include the ability to interchange the watch bands between leather, steel and silicon. There are numerous improvements and differences in this new release and we will look over them shortly. 

The Fitbit Blaze simply has a more attractive design. The watch can be worn anytime when working out or even casually.  The 1.25 inch OLED display is very colorful, bright and easy to read undersunlight. There are 3 physical buttons to go with the touchscreen compared to one single button on the Fitbit charge. The device is designed to be fully water resistant against rain and sweat but not suitable for those who spend a lot of time in water.

Just like other Fitbit smart wears, the Blaze tracks daily activities, counts steps, monitors heart rates, detect your sleep and these data are readily available in the Fitbit app. The heart rate monitor has similar accuracy like the Fitbit surge.

This device features an exercise mode that tracks running, walking, biking, hiking and log work out activity if the duration is over 15 minutes. For those who likes to receive alerts quickly, the Fitbit Blaze has notification for calls, text and calendar.

Unlike the Fitbit surge, the Blaze unfortunately does not have a built in GPS function. However, it is able to connect and use the GPS feature of a smartphone if brought along together.

One of the distinct features of the Blaze is the Fitstar. It’s a program that shows the user how a workout or warm ups can be performed by showing gif like animations.

Surprisingly the Fitbit has an amazingly long battery life of 5 days which lasts almost as long as the Fitbit surge. To charge the Blaze, the device is popped out and placed in a separate housing case.

There are other interesting features including adjustable profiles, multiple sport profiles as well as silent alarms. Here is a quick comparison between Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit surge, Fitbit charge HR if you are looking at which one to get:

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Overall, the Fitbit Blaze has a vastly improved design and features. The price is also very attractive where it is significantly less than the Fitbit surge. It is definitely a great choice for those who want a beautiful looking watch that has fitness tracking features.


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