Xiaomi Mi 5 v.s. Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Xiaomi, proclaimed Apple of the East has unveiled its latest flagship mobile release during the MWC 2016 in Barcelona, the Xiaomi Mi 5. With an incredibly sleek design and built as well as top of the line hardware specifications, there’s no doubt Xiaomi has made clear to the public Mi 5 will be a tough contender in the smartphone arena especially against iPhone 6, S7 and even the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. To prove their point, the Xiaomi Mi 5 has garnered over 14 million registrations before its first day of sale in China on Mar 1st. 

Despite Mi 5 powerful specs and beautiful design such as beveled back sides and curved metal frames, a lot of these design cues are actually borrowed from Samsung Galaxy Note 5 such as exterior look. Some even say the hand feel is also reminiscent to Note 5. Upon looking closely at the specification, the two smartphones are almost identical in every way except the processor, optical image stabilization feature and price.


The Note 5 features a slightly larger dimension measuring at 153.2 x 76.1 x 7.6mm while the Xiaomi Mi 5 is 144.6 x 69.2 x 7.3mm. Due to the larger size, the Note 5 weighs 171 grams and the Mi 5 weighs 139 grams. For display, while both have touchscreen and multi-touch, the Galaxy Note 5 beams with Super AMOLED display while Xiaomi Mi 5 beams with IPS LCD. The primary and secondary camera specifications are also very similar in terms of megapixels, aperture size, video resolutions, max photo size, camera flash but there are some minor differences in other hardware and software features. In fact, the Galaxy Note 5 has a higher secondary camera megapixel compared to Xiaomi Mi 5.


In terms of memory and storage as well as battery, there’s almost no difference between the two devices such as battery life where they both have 3000 maH. However, the Galaxy Note 5 supports wireless charging whereas the Xiaomi Mi 5 does not. Additional Specifications like Audio, Sensors, and Wi Fi are also the same across the two devices.

Despite many similarities between Note 5 and Mi 5, there are also some difference worth mentioning such as the processor and cellular network. The Xiaomi Mi 5 features the latest Snapdragon 820, 4-core, 1.8 & 1.6 / 2.15 & 1.6 GHz and the Note 5 utilize the Exynos 7420, 8-core, quad-core 1.5 & quad-core 2.1 GHz. In terms of cellular network, the Xiaomi Mi 5 supports dual sim and the Note 5 supports only a single Nano Sim.

With everything else looking so similar if not the same inside and outside, there’s no reason one should not consider Samsung Galaxy Note 5 when looking at Xiaomi Mi 5.

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